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Gao Jinliang goes to Brazil for economic and trade investigation

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On December 7th of 2012, President Gao Jinliang and Vice General Manager Peng Longshun from JinPei Century Investment Group Co., ltd. and general manager Qiu Jiaqing from Zhongyou Jinsheng Economic and Trade Co., ltd. went to brazil for 13 days’ economic and trade investigation.

Brazil is the second station for President Gao’s South America visit after Columbia investigation on September. During the 13 days investigation, President Gao visited Li Jinzhang who was the Brazil ambassador in China, Sun Rongmao who was the San Paulo consul-general in China, Brazil senators and so on. After this, JinPei had a preliminary understanding of the economic development of Brazil and the local conditions and customs. President Gao also had conference with principals from Brazil Railway Transportation Bureau, Brazilian Economic Development Bureau and so on.

On the conference, they made deep communication and exchange on tax, economic policy, laws and regulations, transportation, policy support and so on. And he gained much treasured information with the above. In addition, accompanied by local relevant person, President Gao also made detailed investigation on iron ore and farm projects of many cities.

It is to be noted that he re-signed framwork agreement which is to build steel pipe manufacturing plant in SANTA MARTA of Columbia in order to further specify the cooperation content of both party.