Agriculture and animal husbandry development is the third main business of JinPei Century Investment Group. Considering the fact that China is a major agricultural country, the Group’s leadership has built grain a and oil logistic base, a livestock breeding and processing base and a rubber processing base in Handan, Hebei Province, Guyang County, Inner Mongolia and Baisha Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province after repeated field expert investigations.

The Group’s leadership controls the whole situation with a scientific outlook on development, aims to improve the income of farmers and herdsmen, and the competitiveness of farm and animal products, and focuses on developing and expanding the business. On the basis of building large-scale, specialized and standardized production bases, and by improving the interest linkage mechanism, taking advantage of the state and local supporting policies, and taking comprehensive measures such as industry guidance and project drive, the leadership improves relevant structures and mechanisms, enhances the supporting role of science and technology, increases total volume, strengthens the advantages and characteristics, and drives the sound and rapid development of agriculture and animal husbandry development projects of the Group along the path of “building name brands, clustered development, multi-industry growth and overall progress”.

The Group will continue to combine incubation with introduction to strengthen the driving power and market competitiveness of enterprises, encourage enterprises to strengthen technology innovation and introduction, employ advanced technologies and process equipment positively, accelerate technological improvement and new product development, and enhance core competencies, further processing level, and the class and added value of products, so as to realize appreciation and efficiency improvement in processing. Enterprises will be guided to strengthen the awareness of responsibility and integrity, enhance brand building, improve management level, strengthen work on quality and safety to ensure product quality and safety, build famous brands, green grassland brands and organic brands, and explore market and increase market share with brands.

Agriculture and animal husbandry development and operating enterprises owned by the Group:

Beijing Bingtai Investment Co., Ltd.
   Hebei JinPei HongTai Grain & Oil Logistics Co., Ltd.
   Baotou Grassland Baiying Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd.
   Beijing HeShengKai Biomass Energy Technology Co., Ltd.